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Ryu Cope

Ryu Cope, the Bad Buddha

Hi there!

I’m Ryu Cope, the Bad Buddha, and the host of the Bad Buddhist Radio podcast. I started the podcast back in 2006 as my attempt to take over the world to cash in on the billions of dollars in podcast grant money… because I’d been studying Buddhism since 1993, and a lot of the stuff I was reading just didn’t seem right to me. A lot of the stuff I was listening to just made me want to go to sleep. In the Buddha’s teachings, I saw this core — this here-and-now heart — of Buddhism that seemed so practical and realistic and down to earth, but I also saw that healthy heart being suffocated. Covered and clogged in metaphysics, ritual, dogma, and doctrine that seemed to focus on everything but reality, practicality, and the here and now.

To me, Buddhism shouldn’t be any of those things! It’s all about waking up and seeing things as they are. It’s all about doing our best to get through life while causing a minimum amount of damage, and just maybe making the world (and other people’s lives) better in the process. It should be exciting and challenging and fun (and funny)!

About Ryu Cope

Ryu Cope is an author, artist, game designer, tech geek, and amateur stand-up comedian. He has worked a multitude of jobs from blue collar to white collar, farmhand to marketing executive, and has been a guest lecturer at science-fiction conventions on subjects as diverse as game design, publishing, graphic design, art, technology, podcasting, religion, writing, editing, copyright law, mythology, martial arts and combat, and whatever else con organizers figure will fill a panel.

Whatever you do, don’t take him too seriously! He’s more of an entertainer than any religious leader or guru that any sane person should look up to!

For more information, check out his personal site and blog at www.ryucope.com.