Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 83

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What to Talk About

The Bad Buddha talks about the difficulties of coming up with podcast topics.

First podcast October 5, 2015.

BBR Episode 83

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8 thoughts on “Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 83

  1. Mark Allender

    I would like to have a series of podcasts that take on the form of stories. Maybe take a difficult social situation where there is not a good easy answer for what is the right way to behave and analyze it from a Buddhist perspective. And don’t even be authoritative you are just offering one person’s Buddhist perspective.

    Another idea would be to do a retelling of many of the stories from the ancient writings rehashing them in a modern retelling

    Glad your back dude missed ya!

  2. Dan Anderson

    As always, Ryu, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. Having worked at a very large Buddhist temple in the SoCal area as a Public Relations representative, giving tours, talking with media, etc. I ran across quite a flock of people who had absolutely NO idea what Buddhism was about. The ones who claimed to know mostly had the idea of “my Buddha can beat up your Buddha” attitude.

    Online, there are still quite a number of people who have absolutely no idea about Buddhism, demanding that it is all about worshiping statues of bald, fat guys, burning babies on pyres of incense, and shaving the heads of monks and nuns (women can be in the monastic order? Absolutely!) as demeaning, etc.

    You have an upward road to travel, young sir! I have been dealing with this “lack of understanding” and assumption for more than 4.5 decades as an adult. I am not certain, but I think I am still toward the bottom of the “enlightenment curve”, but finding the humor in people’s attitudes.

    1. Ryu Cope Post author

      I think part of the problem is that Buddhism in “the West” is still exotic, and people are drawn to that “Oooo! Different!” paint job. The cynical, jaded part of me even goes so far as to suggest that a lot of Western Buddhist teachers/temples see that exotic draw and go out of their way to slap on an even thicker coating of it. But I try not to let the part have too much reign over me. Really…

      Humor is definitely the way to go!

  3. Dave


    I believe your effort deserve more attention. The insight you provide is…awesome and deep. Thank you for taking the time to record this wealth of knowledge. Is it ok if I add a link to your website on mine?

    P.s. I chimed in a looong time ago. It’s great to know that your site is still up and running 🙂


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