Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 6

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Noble Truth #4: The Truth of the Middle Way

The Bad Buddha talks about the Fourth Noble Truth, the Truth of the Middle Way, and what it means to follow it.

First podcast July 18, 2006.

BBR Episode 6

2 thoughts on “Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 6

  1. Mike Coon

    Hey just wanted to say that I really libe your podcast! Episode 6 really gave form to a lot of my ideas and frustrations and it really clairifed a lot of thinks for me. Ive been interested Buddhist ideology but always get stopped by a lot of things that feel like nonsense. I really enjoy how you take a more practical approach to Buddhist because thats something that I can actually adhear to and live by. As an Evangelical Christian pastor’s kid, Ive seen a ton of BS and the more simple I can make things the happier I am. Thanks so much for putting out the podcast. I plan to listen to as many episodes as I can (probably more than once).

    1. Ryu Cope Post author

      Thanks Mike! I know what you mean about BS, and as I learned (and am still learning) about Buddhism, I saw all this other stuff that just seemed to take a very simple message and make it overly complicated. Glad you’re enjoying my take on it!


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