Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 1

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Introduction to Bad Buddhism

The Bad Buddha talks a little about the life and times of the Buddha and explains what makes for “Bad” Buddhism.

First podcast June 1, 2006.

BBR Episode 1

4 thoughts on “Bad Buddhist Radio: Episode 1

  1. Marc

    Hi Ryu,

    Good stuff!. I really enjoy your podcasts. Sorta like Buddhism for the average guy.

    Is it possible to download the podcasts so that I can copy the digital file to a homemade CD? I have a regular commute and I always listen to educational CDs in my car – such as Buddhism, etc. I would love to make some CDs containing your podcasts. I’m a real low-tech person and this is probably my best option – although I do listen to your Bad Buddhist podcasts on my Kindle Fire while at home.

    Thank You.

    1. Ryu Cope Post author

      Hey, Marc!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast.

      Sure, I have no problem with you (or anyone else) making your own CDs for your own personal use. Or, honestly, for anyone’s use! If you want to make them, collect them, trade them with your friends, it’s all good. Just please don’t try to sell them (I won’t give permission for that; Buddhism gotta be free!).


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